Paul E. Forsythe III CPA
At the core of every successful closely-held corporation is a program of intelligent individual
tax planning shaped by professionals with a business point of view.

Paul E. Forsythe III CPA provides such expertise, an invaluable resource to the business
owner in defining and acting upon tax saving programs.

Paul E. Forsythe III CPA provides clients with complete tax accounting services, including
advance planning advice to clients, advice with respect to compliance with federal, state,
local and foreign tax laws, and tax counseling for executives.

Current-day tax laws are so complex that even clients with highly sophisticated internal staff,
in order to fully prote
ct the interests of shareholders, seek the counsel of independent tax

Furthermore, even the most proficient internal tax departments are so immersed in difficult
day-to-day problems that they often require the services of outside tax specialists for
long-range planning activities. This is true, for example, when advance tax planning for a
closely held corporation involves corporate reorganizations, Subchapter S decisions, cross
purchase agreements, and gift and estate tax planning. Because of its comprehensive
experience in serving a wide range of clients, Paul E. Forsythe III CPA is frequently able to
identify advantageous tax opportunities for clients as well as provide early warnings of
potential tax pitfalls. For these reasons, organizations depend on Paul E. Forsythe III CPA
for all or part of their planning needs.

Paul E. Forsythe III is fully qualified to provide family tax planning for senior executives of
client companies. Although companies are increasingly aware of the importance of tax
planning for executives, the proper counseling of individuals is beyond the scope and
responsibility of most in-house tax departments.